Taste and See: Turning the world upside down


The second reading at Mass on Sunday had St Paul expressing a certain irony about his situation.

 Let me tell you pagans this: I have been sent to the pagans as their apostle, and I am proud of being sent, but the purpose of it is to make my own people envious of you, and in this way save some of them. Since their rejection meant the reconciliation of the world, do you know what their admission will mean? Nothing less than a resurrection from the dead! God never takes back his gifts or revokes his choice.

Just as you changed from being disobedient to God, and now enjoy mercy because of their disobedience, so those who are disobedient now – and only because of the mercy shown to you – will also enjoy mercy eventually. God has imprisoned all men in their own disobedience only to show mercy to all mankind.

Romans 11:13-15,29-32

If God is the God of surprises, maybe one of the most regular surprises is that God is the God of reverses, of irony and paradox.

If the Chosen people reject God’s Son then one of the tasks of the Christian people is to provoke envy so that their elder siblings might choose to choose. Seems we have a way to go yet!

Death can seem a snuffing out of life, but seen by eyes of faith more truly proves to be a step on the path to eternal life.

Freedom sometimes leads to chains, but God’s mercy overwhelms the both human justice and injustice and works to draws his new people to him in a fresh unity of life and love.

  • What is ‘surprising’ about God’s call to you?
  • And your response to God?

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