Taste and See: gazing and living


Entrance Antiphon

Men of Galilee, why gaze in wonder at the heavens?

This Jesus whom you saw ascending into heaven

will return as you saw him go, alleluia.

Acts 1: 11

The above text is offered in the new translation of the Missal for singing as the entrance song.

The Latin plainchant antiphon can be heard here.

Gazing, meditating is at the heart of liturgical participation – pondering on the meaning of what we are part of, and what we do.

  • What caught your attention this Sunday?

But gazing and meditating cannot be the be-all and end-all of our Christian life. The disciples are told the Lord will return as they have seen him go: the implication seems to be that therefore they should be about their business! But their business is the Lord’s business, for his mission has now been entrusted to them.

  • Where will you seek the Lord, and where will you next seek to do the Lord’s work?


The images are taken from ‘The Ascension of Christ’ from the Laudario of Sant’Agnese, about 1340, Pacino di Bonaguida and found here.


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